Young entrepreneur launches collaboration start-up to help UK businesses solve industry challenges

Clyne Albertelli, Managing Director of Co-Lab Engineering

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A YOUNG entrepreneur has launched a start-up business at an event attended by more than 40 industry leaders.

Clyne Albertelli, 25, who has been working as a Solutions Manager for Sellafield, has set up Co-Lab Engineering to help organisations find solutions to industry challenges and develop engineering capability.

As well as developing solutions to help make industry safer, more efficient and more cost-effective, those taking part in Co-Lab Engineering initiatives will gain vital skills and knowledge to help them and their businesses develop.

Lee Grears, chair of Britain’s Energy Business Cluster, opened Co-Lab Engineering’s launch event at The Peddler in Whitehaven on Monday afternoon (June 20) and praised Clyne for having the courage to start his own business.

Lee, who is managing director of Responsive, an industry leader in both destructive and non-destructive testing, mechanical testing and material analysis, said: “It’s all about the why take the plunge isn’t it? Clyne is relinquishing a lot by stepping away from Sellafield to set up his own business. It comes down to that spirit of entrepreneurship. I think it’s brilliant and he will do well. We need more of this in West Cumbria.”

Mayor of Copeland Mike Starkie said: “I think what Clyne is doing is fantastic. A high-wage economy can sometimes stifle entrepreneurship. But there are a lot of talented people out there and there’s a huge opportunity to do like Clyne is doing and grasp the nettle and set up your own business.”

John McGibbon, Managing Director at PAR Systems Ltd which provides remote handling, crane services, and robotic solutions to the Nuclear Industry, said: “I think it’s exciting to see an engineer like Clyne who is engaging and taking a big plunge to set up their own business. He has got the right ethics and a great way with people. He is very professional and I hope the supply chain make it a soft landing for him.”

Craig Branney, Sellafield’s Head of Off-Site Developments, who works with Clyne at Sellafield, said: “I am really proud of him. He has got a fantastic opportunity and he has gone all-in which you can see from his high-profile launch.

“West Cumbria is getting there in terms of being set up for collaborative business success. The Clynes of this world will enable it to get there even quicker.

“With the right help and support Clyne will bring more work to West Cumbria and keep more work in West Cumbria. The timing for Co-Lab Engineering is perfect.”

After launching his business and networking with attendees Clyne said: “It’s overwhelming to see the amount of people come out and give their backing to someone who is taking a risk like this. I am delighted to see this level of support.

“Like any young person, stepping away from a job you enjoy and setting up your own business is a risk, but I passionately believe in what industry can achieve through working together; that’s why I’m willing to take that step.

“It means a lot that so many people – from family to business associates – have supported and mentored me to get to this stage.

“I am excited for the opportunities which are coming up. I am looking forward to talking to clients about working with them. I want to start making a difference, quickly.

“I am open to having conversations about what Co-Lab Engineering is and what it can do for you, with anyone who is interested in collaborating with me.”

Clyne explained: “Co-Lab Engineering’s mission is to empower people and organisations to achieve more through collaboration.

“We’ll do this by delivering projects that will develop the technical problem-solving approach of the individuals, whilst coaching and developing the soft skills required to become well rounded. By solving problems in this way, you achieve the best value for the problem owner, and you can do so at pace.

“I am also going to be holding a virtual open day for the Engineering Academy on a date to be announced very soon.”

Clyne started his career as an electrical and instrumentation apprentice for Babcock, moved to Cavendish Nuclear as an instrument mechanic, and joined Sellafield Ltd as a System Engineer. He then joined the Engineering Portfolio management team and more recently worked as Solutions Manager ahead of launching Co-Lab Engineering.

For further information about Co-Lab Engineering, contact or visit


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