Taylor Announces Significant Success in Scotland


Leading waste management solution provider Taylor, part of the Impact Environmental Group (IEG), is making significant gains in Scotland as it secures four new local authority orders in a row.

Showcasing a surge in customer confidence in Taylor’s pioneering offering, including the new and improved Mark IV Continental container, the firm is celebrating an enviable tendering success rate since the turn of the year in obtaining Recycling Improvement Fund (RIF) orders. The coveted funding is awarded by Zero Waste Scotland, the country’s government body which drives the recycling legislation and targets for all Scottish waste providers.

As a result of securing the prestigious orders, Taylor is now providing a large volume of waste and recycling containers to four prominent local authorities in Scotland. The firm has worked closely with each of the local authorities to develop a comprehensive understanding of what they are hoping to achieve in their environmental endeavours, tailoring the specifications of the solutions provided accordingly to help them reach their overall goals.

The secured orders highlight the beneficial synergies within IEG EMEA, and how complementary and compatible businesses within the group are working collaboratively together to deliver first-class, comprehensive solutions. In partnership with Container Components Europe, also part of IEG EMEA, the market-leading business has utilised its established expertise in contamination reduction measures, such as with the provision of its ‘lid in lids’ with restrictor plates to limit the type and size of materials going into the containers, coupled with Taylor’s industry-recognised T Locks, which help to secure the main aperture.

David Williams, Managing Director at IEG EMEA commented: “With many strong and long-standing partnerships with local authorities across the UK, we are thrilled to have been awarded four new orders in Scotland, secured with dedicated funding from Zero Waste Scotland. This recent success is a testament to the trust our customers have in the value of our market-leading waste management solutions, particularly the pioneering new Mark IV Continental container which has been developed alongside customers and industry experts to respond directly to the requirements of the sector.”

“As part of the Impact Environmental Group, and a key advocate for sustainability, we look forward to working closely with each of the local authorities to support them with tailored solutions as they strive to achieve their environmental goals and pursue a circular economy.”

The UK’s leading provider of waste management solutions, Taylor has been shaping the global waste industry for over six decades. With a firm commitment to delivering industry-leading quality, the business has a suite of solutions that build on the basic foundation of waste collection whilst integrating the latest technology. Taylor’s manufacturing capabilities from its Oak Park site near Birmingham, its partners and extensive knowledge of the industry is the driving force in its ability to comprehensively service its customers’ needs.

Taylor is part of the Impact Environmental Group (IEG), a global environmental products and services business, providing a comprehensive suite of new and replacement products for waste and recycling containers, collection and compaction equipment, and waste transportation equipment. IEG EMEA’s brands include Duraflex™, UKCM, Capital Compactors & Balers and Taylor.

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