Scotland’s seafood processing sector launches further recruitment drive

Tomasz Indryszczak Senior Production Supervisor Thistle Seafoods

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Sector has a wealth of jobs and a lack of candidates

SCOTLAND’S vibrant £1.6bn seafood industry has launched a new campaign to help find candidates to fill numerous vacancies that are continuously coming up across the processing sector, particularly in the run up to Christmas. 

Over 8,400 people in Scotland currently work in the seafood industry in a diverse range of roles spanning food processing and technology, HR, marketing, commercial and engineering. Seafish is collaborating with industry body the Scottish Seafood Association to show the wealth of opportunities available in the sector to help attract people looking to start, progress or change their career.

‘Sea A Bright Future’ will run across radio and digital channels throughout November including a four-week YouTube campaign. 

Jimmy Buchan, CEO of the Scottish Seafood Association, said: “Scotland’s seafood is amongst the best in the world and is a source of national pride. We need people to come and help us put this amazing seafood on tables all over the world.  We’re a busy industry and we’re about to experience an even busier period in the run up to Christmas so it’s essential we find the right candidates for the roles. 

“With the demand and growth opportunities across this sector, a number of seafood businesses are having to turn down contracts as demand supersedes ability to produce. We know the seafood processing sector is not the only sector struggling with recruitment at the moment, but the diversity of jobs coupled with opportunities to further your career will allow focussed individuals to reach new and promising ambitions.

“This campaign seeks to shine a light on that and to encourage people to consider a role in the seafood processing sector, particularly young people leaving school or those looking for a mid-career move such as returning to work after having children. There are a wealth of jobs and a lack of candidates, particularly for entry level factory processing roles.

“While many people will start at entry level, there are lots of opportunities for those that have the drive to progress into other roles. However, there are some who are quite happy to stay at entry level and this is welcome too.”

There are many benefits associated with working in the sector, including career progression, equipping employees with the skills and knowledge to develop themselves and further their career. The industry also offers flexible hours for those juggling carer and childcare responsibilities or those simply looking for a better work/life balance. Vacancies span from entry to senior level, from opportunities on the factory floor, in the offices or in the laboratories.


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