Neospace Aberdeen Announces InnoSport as Winner of Neovator Competition


Neospace Aberdeen has proudly announced InnoSport as the winner of their inaugural Neovator Competition. The competition served as a platform for startups to showcase their innovative ideas, with InnoSport standing out for their groundbreaking advancements in sports technology.

Introducing InnoSport: Revolutionising Athletic Performance

InnoSport, co-founded by former athletes Luis Toral and Jan Stander, aims to redefine sports training in the UK. The journey began when the co-founders met in Aberdeen and shared their personal struggles. “When I was an amateur soccer player in Mexico, I faced many disappointments, especially due to injuries. One significant incident was two days before a final match when I suffered a leg injury due to overtraining and muscle fatigue. This emotional setback motivated me to help athletes avoid such experiences,” shared Luis.

Similarly, Jan who is an ex-professional cricketer for Scotland and played in the 2009 T20 World Cup, faced his own challenges. Together, they realised the need for better support systems for both athletes and coaches. “We wanted to create something that could help track and improve athletic performance and reduce injuries. This inspired us to start InnoSport,” Luis explained.

What is InnoSport?

“Our value proposition leverages AI technology and computer vision to create an accessible way for athletes and coaches to connect. Using our digital tools, they can improve performance and reduce injuries,” explained the co-founder.

InnoSport addresses three main issues:

  1. Remote Coaching: Athletes can use their smartphones to record and send technique videos for instant feedback from coaches – no matter their location.
  2. Trackability: There is a lack of shareable data for amateur athletes. InnoSport provides affordable analytics that were previously only available to professionals.
  3. Accessibility: The platform is designed for anyone, not just professionals, allowing even amateur athletes to benefit from advanced analytics.

“We differentiate ourselves by focusing on individual technique improvement rather than team analytics. Our platform is accessible to all levels, not just professionals, and requires only a smartphone and tripod to use,” highlighted Luis.

Neovator Competition Success

Reflecting on their Neovator Competition win, InnoSport expressed gratitude for the support and recognition from Neospace. “Winning the Neovator Competition validates our commitment to innovation,” remarked Luis. The competition prize package includes valuable resources such as free office space for a year, expert mentoring, and podcast exposure, all of which are pivotal in accelerating InnoSport’s growth.

“The opportunity to be in a thriving business environment and connect with a network of like- minded entrepreneurs is invaluable. The exposure Neospace provides is crucial for our growth,” they noted.

Future Goals and Aspirations

Looking ahead, InnoSport is determined to expand its platform’s reach throughout the UK. “Our long-term vision is to establish InnoSport as the premier digital platform for sports athletes, offering unparalleled performance optimisation tools.” This expansion aims to empower a broader community of athletes to achieve their full potential.

To other aspiring entrepreneurs, InnoSport advises, “Surround yourself with people who challenge your ideas and be open to constructive criticism. It’s not just about working hard but working smart and refining your approach based on feedback.”

Final Thoughts

Co-founder Luis concluded. “Meeting the neospace team and everyone involved has been fantastic, and I am committed to making the most out of this opportunity.” Neospace Aberdeen congratulates InnoSport on its Neovator Competition win and looks forward to supporting this exciting and innovative start-up on its journey.

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