New distillery plans for award winning gin producer

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North Berwick-based gin and vodka producer, NB Distillery, is to build a new distillery in East Lothian.
The development, which has been approved by East Lothian Council, will allow the craft distiller to expand its gin and vodka production to a 24-hour operation, in the wake of overwhelming demand from the UK and global markets.
NB Distillery, which produces the gin that was voted the world’s best in 2015, also plans to offer enthusiasts luxury tours of the distillery, which will include canapes served by award-winning North Berwick chef, JP MacLachlan.
JP, who has worked with Gordon Ramsay and Raymond Blanc, will also collaborate with the distillery and offer some private dining options in the future.
CEO and co-founder of NB Gin, Viv Muir, said: “We have an overwhelming demand for our product worldwide which is necessitating major expansion. With that has come a demand for distillery tours.
“As with everything we do at NB, we wanted to do something more than just the stock standard tour. When visitors come to the new distillery, we want it to feel like you’re coming for a drink and food at our home.
“That means you’ll be handed an NB as soon as you arrive, you’ll be invited to take off your shoes, be given your own slippers and our chef will be on hand to treat you with delicious canapes. It is an experience and feeling of ‘coming home’, not a tour.
“We also plan to take advantage of East Lothian’s incredible produce to really compliment the luxury feel to the distillery.”
Viv said construction on the new distillery at Halfland Barns, to the south east of North Berwick, is due to begin shortly and she believes it’s a crucial next step in NB Gin’s impressive growth since it was launched just four years ago.
NB hopes to have the distillery open by Autumn this year.
The distillery will be energy neutral and will feature solar panels, lighting and heating. Additionally, the building will capture rain water, store it and allow it to be reused for the condensing process of stilling.
“Since we launched NB just a few years ago, it’s been an incredible journey and we’ve enjoyed fantastic growth, especially over the last 12 months, with NB being enjoyed all around the world,” said Viv.
“We’re so proud that we can continue our global growth from our hometown and, at the same time, offer an original tourist draw that will benefit the local area.”
As well as running tours of the new distillery and offering the region’s best local produce, NB Gin says it’s new headquarters will give visitors breathtaking views towards the Firth of Forth. Fittingly, the new distillery will be located near an area called ‘Ginhead’.
“We’re hugely excited about the new distillery and it’s another milestone for us and the company,” said Viv.


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