Al-Maktoum College launches the Dundee Centre of Business Excellence to help companies grow

Dr Alaa Garad

A NEW centre is being launched by Al-Maktoum College in Dundee to deliver professional development services and capacity building to businesses.

The Dundee Centre of Business Excellence (DCBE) is aimed at helping companies at local, national and international levels to foster executive growth.

The centre is starting with offering nine courses in fund-raising, marketing, business excellence, organisational learning, leadership, employee empowerment, fashion design start-up and entrepreneurship. Two new partnerships have been developed with the Lisbon Business and Government School and the International Customer Experience Institute.

Dr Alaa Garad, Chief Executive of the centre, said: “DCBE is aiming to become the industry arm of Al-Maktoum College, focusing on applied and impactful research that helps the community, contributes towards innovation, and keeps Dundee at the forefront of business.

“We are building on a legacy of 22 years of hard work and collaboration with our national and international partners.

“The Centre will include a wide pool of subject matter experts who will work as collaborators on projects. There will also be an advisory board to guide and support the centre and provide further industry access.”

DCBE will run summer and winter schools, an academic training programme, masterclasses, workshops, conferences and open lectures. It will also deliver language courses in Arabic and English and provide consultancy services for businesses.

An official launch for the new centre will take place at Al-Maktoum College at 124 Blackness Road, Dundee, on Friday June 30 from 11am to 1pm with a networking event and talks by Vincent Desmond, CEO of the Chartered Quality Institute and Alison Henderson, CEO of Dundee and Angus Chamber of Commerce.

DCBE is aiming to become the first port of call for businesses in the areas of organisational learning, future foresight and transformation. The centre’s vision and mission reflect its commitment to integrated learning, development, consultancy, and capacity-building services that empower individuals and businesses in all sectors to excel.

The new centre follows on from the success of Al-Maktoum College’s academic programme and summer schools which have helped students from all over the world get a head start in business education.

Al-Maktoum has partnered with a leading continuous professional development provider to accredit all courses offered by the DCBE. This collaboration ensures that participants receive recognised certification upon completion.

The DCBE has outlined key objectives that align with Al-Maktoum’s vision including diversifying the skill set of Al-Maktoum College staff, promoting industry and community engagement, and organising an annual conference on organisational learning, future foresight, and business excellence.

The centre will also do consultancy and knowledge transfer partnership projects and enhance the employability of Al-Maktoum College graduates.

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