Unlocking Human Potential: Taylor Clarke welcomes Bonnie Clarke as new CEO

Bonnie Clarke (Taylor Clarke)

SCOTLAND’S economy will be better served by businesses led by inspiring leaders. That’s according to Bonnie Clarke, an expert in organisational effectiveness and the new CEO of Glasgow-based leadership development consultancy Taylor Clarke.

Bonnie assumes the leadership mantle from Laurence Clarke – no relation – just as the global firm marks its 35th anniversary. Expressing her enthusiasm for the opportunity to steer the company into a dynamic future, Bonnie states: 

“In my previous roles, I always considered Taylor Clarke to be a worthy competitor. The team has a strong track record of transforming individuals and organisations across various sectors, from energy to manufacturing to government. We’re in a great position to help guide the leaders of tomorrow.”

As the new CEO, Bonnie Clarke and Laurence Clarke, who will now serve as Chair, emphasise the critical role of purpose in the workforce. Against a backdrop of ongoing political and economic uncertainty, they assert that for businesses, unlocking human potential is the key to overcoming adversities. Bonnie remarks, “The way out of current struggles lies in individuals realising their creativity in problem-solving.”

Laurence adds, “People entering the workforce – and those looking for their next challenge after the terrible COVID-19 years – want a galvanising purpose. They want to know that their work is meaningful and contributes to a larger goal. This is the critical demand that employers must address to build an effective organisation in the 2020’s.”

Highlighting the importance of leadership in shaping organisational culture, Bonnie notes, “Culture in a business flows from the top, and we are ensuring that our business leaders inspire their teams to be the very best they can be. Only through proper investment in people development can a business truly flourish.”

Under Bonnie’s leadership, Taylor Clarke aims to broaden its global footprint, seizing opportunities presented by the evolving business landscape shaped by the COVID-19 pandemic. Bonnie explains, “The pandemic removed geographic barriers for businesses like ours. Since the spring of 2020, our online offerings have facilitated an increase in international clients as well as clients in remote regions, showcasing how creative businesses can adapt under the right leadership.”

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