Peter Vardy Group Partners with AffinityEV to revolutionise Electric Vehicle experience

MG Dealership in Kirkcaldy

PETER Vardy Group, one of the leading names in the UK automotive industry, has entered a strategic partnership with AffinityEV, a dynamic provider of tailored software solutions for electric vehicles (EVs). 

This exciting collaboration aims to empower customers with comprehensive knowledge of electric vehicles and streamline the transition to a sustainable driving future.

With a commitment to delivering an unparalleled EV customer experience, the partnership will enhance Peter Vardy’s current EV sales process, itself boosted by the Peter Vardy Group recently expanding its offering with MG franchises across three strategic locations: Edinburgh, Kirkcaldy, and Aberdeen.

Additionally, a positive response to GWM ORA, a Chinese marque of electric cars, which the Peter Vardy Group exclusively retails in Scotland, has further underscored the growing demand for EVs. 

Both Peter Vardy and AffinityEV boast an impressive range of EV products and have exciting pipelines of upcoming electric vehicle releases. Notably, AffinityEV has secured additional funding to support its expansion across the UK.

Peter Vardy, CEO, said “The future is electric and with this agreement we expect to see our guests respond positively and enthusiastically to our extension of the range of highly attractive EVs and the substantial guest support we, alongside AffinityEV, are now in a position to provide.”

AffinityEV will offer a suite of specialised products tailored to the EV market, including an array of IT solutions for use on the Peter Vardy website and in showrooms. These solutions will offer customers the industry’s leading end to end EV buying experience.

  1. Seamless Digital Ordering: A simplified, stress-free, and entirely digital process for customers to order a home charger, seamlessly integrated into the Peter Vardy sales process and customer relationship management (CRM) systems.
  2. Dedicated Training Platform: Peter Vardy employees will have access to a dedicated training platform provided by AffinityEV, enhancing their knowledge of all aspects of electric vehicles.

3.     Cost Calculator: Customers can accurately assess the total cost of ownership of an EV compared to a traditional combustion engine vehicle, providing valuable insights into the economic benefits of electric driving.

4.     Charging Point Locator: Access to a comprehensive database of charging points across the UK, making it convenient for EV owners to plan their journeys and stay charged.

The partnership between Peter Vardy and AffinityEV represents a significant step forward in the journey towards a sustainable and electrified automotive future. By providing customers with the tools and information they need, the collaboration aims to make the transition to electric vehicles both more accessible and enjoyable than ever before.

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