Yatter ready to go global with Product Hunt launch

Yatter, the social media scheduling platform, is launching today (15 May 2018on Product Hunt, a major global on-line platform for first release software.
Yatter’s “Collaborative Scheduling” feature allows the scheduling of content to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. It also enables organisations using it to partner with one another and to gain a preview of social media yet to be posted.

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This unique functionality has allowed Yatter to slowly build a user base in Scotland. It is now ready to push out internationally and compete with the tech companies of Silicon Valley.
Product Hunt is a well-known innovation community that previously contributed to the launch of Periscope and Meerkat. It is often used by major tech companies to trial their latest offerings as it has a large and knowledgeable user base that is often frequented by some of the brightest brains from the US tech sector.
Yatter MD, Richard Norman, said: “We have been slowly building a community here in Scotland while refining our platform sufficiently to deal with the rigours of maintaining an international user base.
“We hope that Product Hunt will provide an opportunity for the wider internet to try Yatter. The products on Product Hunt compete by receiving ‘upvotes’ and we hope our existing users will support us with the button clicks. It’s a great way to compete within budgetary constraints.”
Dr Iain MacRitchie, the serial and social entrepreneur behind the highly-successful charity MCR Pathways, said: “Through a combination of skill, knowledge and sheer determination the team at Yatter has built a modern platform that is both innovative and unique. Using the platform with our pioneering MCR Pathways programme has helped power our expansion across the country by reaching many more people than ever before.”

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