Stargazey Spirits Acquires Dundee’s First Gin Brand


Verdant, the first gin to be distilled in Dundee, has been brought back to life after the distillery closed in 2023. Stargazey Spirits have stepped in to breathe life into the award-winning gin that pays homage to Dundee’s shipping and trading heritage.

Joe Barber said: “I was first attracted to Verdant because of its exceptional track record. The history and heritage of a spirit born in Dundee that was a Scottish Gin of the Year at the Gin Awards, and the sole supplier of a House of Commons Gin really interested me. 

Combining his passion for the drinks industry with his ambition to build local spirit producers, Stargazey Spirits founder, Joe Barber has sought out brands to support, with credentials that he truly believed in. 

“Once I had a bottle in my hands and got to taste Verdant, I realised just how much potential there was. Verdant is distilled with the highest quality ingredients and is extremely smooth. The quality of the product is incredible, and I knew I had to support the brand and help develop it further.” 

Despite only initially dabbling in the drinks industry as a hobby, Joe’s passion was evident. He was invited to judge at The Gin of the Year competition run by the Craft Distilling Expo, where developed his understanding of the distillation process and spirit flavourings. 

From there Joe became the assistant lead steward of the American Distilling Institutes craft spirits judging in 2018, working for them ever since. 

In 2021 Joe also sat as a table chair judge for the World Drinks Awards and has gone on to judge a range of different products including Gin, Rum, Vodka, RTDs, Calvados, Cognac, Armagnac, Tequila and Mezcal. He has also judged gin and vodka categories for the International Wine & Spirit Competition.

Joe added: “Set up as a spirit producer initially, Stargazey Spirits was where I learned the nuances of the distillation process as well as bottling and labelling procedures. However, as I spoke with local distillers and discovered the issues they were facing, Stargazey evolved. 

“We now help distillers operating on that scale who need support with producing, bottling and storage in order to scale up.  In addition to Verdant Gin, we’re working with three other brands including Wrecking Coast Distillery in Cornwall. 

“There are so many opportunities for Verdant Gin. We’re excited to take the brand forward, while holding on to the true essence of this incredible spirit.”

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