Scottish luxury bedding brand Ava Innes secures investment for global expansion


SCOTTISH-BASED luxury bedding company Ava Innes has successfully completed its first investment round, attracting new investors, including Kelvin Capital and Scottish Enterprise. This funding marks a significant milestone for the brand, founded by entrepreneur Joan Johnston in Elgin. The investment aims to support Ava Innes in redefining quality sleep standards, with plans to expand into both the consumer and luxury hospitality markets. Lucinda Bruce-Gardyne, founder of Genius Foods, and Craig Samuel, GlobalScot and seasoned advisor to UK and US start-ups, have joined the board to assist in the brand’s expansion.

Founder Joan Johnston expressed the brand’s commitment to promoting better sleep naturally, citing the unique patented cashmere and wool duvet that boasts exceptional temperature-regulating qualities. Johnston said, “Ava Innes helps people to sleep better naturally, with our unique patented cashmere and wool duvet.  The superior sleeping experience has contributed to Ava Innes’ rising popularity combined with  our commitment to placing the highest sustainable standards at the heart of the company is continuing to resonate with consumers across the world. The infusion of investment capital marks a pivotal moment for the company. It will allow us to maximise global interest and presence, enhance our  product offerings, and further champion sustainability in the luxury bedding industry, all made within the UK.”

A remarkable 93% of Ava Innes customers reported improved sleep since adopting the brand’s bedding. Johnston sees the infusion of investment as a pivotal moment for the company, enabling global expansion, enhancing product offerings, and reinforcing sustainability in the luxury bedding industry.

John McNicol, Director of Kelvin Capital, emphasised the investment as an exciting opportunity aligned with the firm’s commitment to supporting people and teams. He highlighted the expertise of Joan Johnston and the advisory team, making Ava Innes an attractive prospect for Kelvin Capital.

Scottish Enterprise’s Kerry Sharp emphasised the organisation’s priority of encouraging innovative firms like Ava Innes to commercialise and scale. Sharp explained, “Encouraging innovative firms such as Elgin-based Ava Innes to commercialise and scale is a priority for Scottish Enterprise. This funding will allow Founder Joan Johnston to deliver potential growth opportunities and scale the sustainable products business.”

The addition of Lucinda Bruce-Gardyne and Craig Samuel to the board brings substantial business leadership to Ava Innes. Lucinda Bruce-Gardyne, also the Chair of Scotland Food & Drink, and Craig Samuel, a GlobalScot member and advisor to various

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