Scottish entrepreneurs premium shot company celebrates homecoming

Doug Everest, Co-founder WATTSHOT

PARTY-GOERS rejoice as Scottish co-founder’s premium shot company WATTSHOT is made available for the first-time across Scotland. Aiming to stimulate the nation’s nightlife with the world’s first gin designed to be consumed as a shot – the liquid’s cherry blossom flavour delivers a brand new experience for all gin-lovers; with plans also in place for a full range of premium shots.

Launching in conjunction with Merchant Leisure Group, WATTSHOT’s gin shot is stocked across five of Edinburgh’s top venues: The Piper’s Rest, Jackson The Tailor, The Newsroom, The Railbridge and Burgers & Beers Grillhouse – also listed across the country and available from Inverarity Morton, a leading Scottish wholesaler. 

WATTSHOT’s gin shot combines a scientific approach with all-natural ingredients; a unique mix of eight rooted botanicals for a herbal flavour combined with cherry juice. Using compatible molecules to remove the need for a mixer, balancing all-natural sugars, amino acids, salts and alkaloids – the key factors that determine taste.  

Developed over 9-years by master taste-maker Stuart Logan, and brought to market by Scottish entrepreneur Doug Everest, WATTSHOT’s first release is a multi-award-winning taste sensation that defies convention – a gin designed to be consumed as a shot. It is carefully engineered to leave a lasting, unique, electric tingle in the mouth with a delicious cherry taste and floral aroma. 

Doug Everest hails from Boat of Garten in The Highlands but has taken WATTSHOT around the world; from the glamour of Nikki Beach, Ibiza to the affluent bars of Delhi, India, to UK festivals like Clockwork Orange, collecting a raft of awards from the World Gin Awards, the People’s Choice Spirits Award, The Spirits Business and more. 

The instructions are simple: drink chilled, take a shot, hold it in your mouth for 1 – 2 seconds, then swallow and enjoy the effect. Of course, for those who prefer to drink their gin in a more traditional fashion, the standalone flavours of WATTSHOT’s premium gin shot also make it a versatile drink, enjoyed over ice, added to tonic, or mixed into a variety of delicious cocktails.

Doug Everest, co-founder of WATTSHOT, said, “WATTSHOT is becoming popular in different markets around the world, but it’s always been an aim of mine to launch in my home country. I’m very proud to see WATTSHOT stocked in some fantastic outlets in Edinburgh and I’m confident people will embrace the concept. One of the country’s largest wholesalers, Inverarity Morton has also agreed to list WATTSHOT and we are available right across Scotland now.”

Scottish-born co-founder Doug Everest’s company WATTSHOT also has plans for a full range of premium shots; their first release, the world’s first gin shot, is available across Scotland now.   

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