Scotland beginning to Crack Opportunity to be the Global Cyber Leader

Martin Beaton, a leading figure in the cyber security sector believes Scotland has the potential to become the world leader in the industry.

Martin, one of the nation’s most influential cyber figures, believes that the country has all the factors required to become a standard-bearer for the critical industry.

On a business level over the past five years there has been a staggering 500% growth in the number of specialist cyber security firms in Scotland, from 12 in 2012 to 70 currently operating.

Those firms have been able to be part of £3 billion worth of investment to start up cyber security businesses – part of a £230 billion industry worldwide.

Highlighting the attraction to investors, every new Scottish cyber company in the past three years has received external investment.

Martin, whose role is to support collaboration between industry, academia and government said: “Scotland’s cyber security industry has everything in place to become the best in the world.

“The sector is rapidly growing and while other small nations such as Estonia and Israel arguably lead the way, Scotland has the potential – if we can get it right – to take over.

“What is key is our ability to collaborate. We are of a size that can foster this realistically – working together to keep the public, business and the public safe.

“For too long the only focus has – quite understandably – been on protecting assets. But now we have the potential to see this industry truly help drive the economy.”

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