NOMOQ and CanO Water Strike gold at Canmaker Awards


NOMOQ – the multinational digitally-printing can manufacturer – has announced that it has been awarded a prestigious gold prize at the Canmaker Can of the Year 2023 Awards in Edinburgh, in the Beverage Two-Piece category.

The gold award was presented to the European brand for its outstanding achievement in producing a limited edition 330ml D&I aluminium can for the sustainable canned water brand, CanO Water. The special can featured a unique QR code to celebrate the launch of Transformers and offered prizes to CanO Water consumers.

NOMOQ’s advanced technology transforms aluminium cans into visually stunning works of art, all while maintaining full recyclability without labels or plastic sleeves. The company proudly holds the distinction of being the first in Europe and one of the first globally to employ this cutting-edge technology. This remarkable recognition at the Canmaker Awards is a testament to NOMOQ’s commitment to innovation in the packaging industry and its ability to deliver excellence in can design and production.

Peter Stein, CEO of NOMOQ, said: “This award is a testament to the dedication and innovation of our team at NOMOQ – not just across Europe, but also here in the UK. Our digitally printed cans have revolutionised the beverage packaging industry by offering a sustainable and creative solution to our clients for more than a year now. This partnership with Cano Water and subsequent award recognises our commitment to providing exceptional packaging solutions to brands. We are honoured to have worked with CanO Water on this exciting project. We are committed to providing high-quality, fully recyclable digitally printed cans with low production costs and quick turnaround times for beverage brands; this was a perfect example of what we can do!”

CanO Water, founded by Josh White, Ariel Booker, and Perry Alexander in response to the plastic pollution crisis, is known for its commitment to environmental sustainability and the use of aluminium cans to reduce plastic waste. CanO Water is available in thousands of stockists, including major retailers like Tesco, the water partner of Virgin Upper Class and countless sports, music, and cultural hotspots in the UK.

Perry Alexander, Co-Founder of CanO Water, said: “Our partnership with NOMOQ for this special edition can has been a tremendous success. This collaboration allowed us to engage our consumers uniquely and efficiently, aligning with our mission to reduce single-use plastic waste. Winning this award is a recognition of the impact we are making, and we look forward to further innovative partnerships to promote our sustainable-first brand.”

The Canmaker Awards, which took place during The Canmaker Summit’s 35th anniversary, were held at the Sheraton Grand Hotel & Spa in Edinburgh, Scotland, October 2023. The Can of the Year 2023 for Aerosol Cans has been awarded to Xtracan in Germany/UK for its DWI tinplate aerosol for the Zenova fire extinguisher.

NOMOQ has just opened its brand-new UK site in Leamington Spa. For all production enquiries on high-quality and fully recyclable digitally printed cans, please visit

Discover more about CanO Water here

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