New Director for British Council Scotland

Peter Brown

BRITISH Council Scotland has today announced the appointment of Peter Brown as its new Director. Peter will lead global education and arts programmes and will sustain and grow the British Council’s current network of relationships across Scotland. He will support engagement around culture, education, and cultural relations with a network of over 100 international offices, taking the best of Scotland to the world and vice versa.

Peter will join the team in Edinburgh, moving from Serbia where he has been Director for the Western Balkans for the past three years. In Belgrade, Peter led the British Council’s work across the Arts, English, and Education – most recently onthe UK government funded 21st Century Schools programme, reaching 1 million 10-15 year old children in 4000 schools between 2019 and 2022.

Peter is excited to return home to Scotland and commented about the new role:

“I’m absolutely thrilled to join the team in Edinburgh and to head up the British Council in Scotland. I’ve been with the British Council for over 30 years and have worked around the world making global connections and building relationships with the UK. I’m looking forward to carrying on this work in, and for Scotland”.

Peter added:

“The British Council has brilliant and well-established arts and education programmes connecting across the country and I’m excited to help create more opportunities for Scottish creatives, students, and organisations to build worldwide connections. More broadly, I will look at how we help amplify the cultural assets of Scotland such as its leadership in creative showcasing and education partnerships.

“We’re working with the Scottish Graduate School for Arts and Humanities to offer the global EARTH Scholarship programme focused on creative approaches to the climate crisis. We’ll be working with Creative Scotland on the UK-France 2024 Spotlight Fund, and the British Council Connections Through Culture Grants are now open – linking the UK with East Asia. In November, a highlight for Edinburgh will the Going Global Education conference”.

Peter brings with him a wealth of international experience, having led policy and education work across the Western Balkans and has held Country Director roles in Mozambique, Venezuela, Uganda and Ethiopia.

Welcoming Peter into the Director role, Seona Reid, Chair of the British Council Scotland advisory committee, said:

“We are delighted to welcome Peter into this important role. Peter has longstanding connections with Scotland and has a reputation for delivering work internationally and creating lasting value. I have no doubt he will make a very significant contribution to the internationalisation of education and arts in Scotland in the coming years, working alongside valued partners including the Scottish Government.”

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