New Chief Technology Officer for Traveltek

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East Kilbride-based Traveltek Group Ltd has appointed a new Chief Technology Officer (CTO) to scale-up the business and pave the way for future growth.

Kenny Millar, a software professional with more than three decades’ experience, has been hired to expand the IT team, streamline processes and roll out new technology that will deploy client solutions faster than ever before.

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At the same time, former CTO Richard Smith, a creative driving force behind the original Traveltek concept, has been appointed Chief Architect, enabling him to spearhead innovations that will further benefit Traveltek customers.

The high-level appointments follow 18 months of rapid expansion for the travel tech specialist – a period in which it has grown its workforce by more than 50%, opened offices in multiple international markets and made several enhancements to its product portfolio.

Millar has not only held senior engineering and software development roles at IT giant Cisco Systems and global online retail brand, Amazon, but has reorganised and led tech teams during significant growth phases – experience that secured his appointment, according to Kenny Picken, President & CEO, Traveltek Group Ltd.

“Kenny has been brought on board during Traveltek’s most ambitious growth phase in its 20-year history, which calls for new processes, a reorganisation of team structures and investment in more agile technology that will benefit our customers,” he explained.

“His strong track record in software development, team leadership and steering companies through transformation will prove invaluable as we continue to expand our client base and global presence.”

He added: “In Kenny and Richard we have two tech geniuses whose strengths we can fully leverage to improve efficiencies, enhance our quality and speed of service and deliver new creative solutions to our clients, consolidating our reputation as a market-leading travel technology provider.”

Millar’s role will include fine-tuning the new technology group structure and expanding several teams within the department, including quality assurance and software development, to facilitate the company’s ongoing growth.

“Traveltek does much more than deliver technology to the travel industry – it creates long-term partnerships with its customers to distinguish how they can best leverage our solutions to grow their business,” said Millar.

“I’d like to develop this further and with new team structures and technology in place, improving efficiencies and platform delivery times, the company can focus on these client relationships, as well as further expansion.”

Millar added: “There is so much talent, energy and enthusiasm at Traveltek and I want to play a key role in unlocking that potential, ensuring the tech team is in the best shape possible to meet market demand.”

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