Masternaut launch certification to reward customers for achieving emission reductions

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Leading telematics solutions provider, Masternaut, has launched a new CO2 certification scheme to encourage customers to review and improve their sustainability initiatives.

Following limited assurance verification by The Energy Saving Trust, the methodology behind Masternaut’s Fleet CO2 Certification has been proven as an accurate measure of CO2 improvements. The calculation is based on primary fuel data from individual vehicles in the fleet, combined with other variables, such as distance travelled, allows vehicle efficiency to be assessed continuously. The programme is designed to help Masternaut’s customers understand and reduce annual emissions.

The certification scheme is broken down into three simple levels – gold, silver and bronze. To be awarded a gold certification (top marks) fleet operators must have emissions at least 5% lower than the Masternaut benchmark, which is calculated based on the performance of similar fleets. Or, reduce their annual emissions by 5%, in comparison to their previous year’s figures after adjustments for seasonality. Masternaut’s patented CAN bus clip technology, allows accurate measurement of mileage and CO2 emissions from each, individual vehicle in the fleet.

This is a free to access programme for all Masternaut customers and is driving improvements across the industry. Using their advanced telematics software, Masternaut customers are increasing the efficiency of their fleets, saving an impressive 230,000 tonnes of CO2 each year!

By providing fleet managers with a realistic benchmark, based on their own performance, along with that of similar fleets to operate against, the Masternaut Fleet CO2 Certification is helping customers drastically reduce fuel consumption. It also allows top-performing firms to be recognised and celebrated for achieving emission reductions, whilst encouraging and incentivising continued improvement.

The programme is supported by Masternaut’s in-cab coaching device, which gives real-time coaching directly to the driver and sends feedback to the fleet manager. This allows driving styles to be evaluated and highlights the need for training, whether it’s for safety, or financial purposes.

Those who achieve a CO2 certification will receive a communications pack, including stickers to display on vehicles, a certificate, digital banners and a press kit so top performing companies can promote their success.