Interview: Maulik Patel, Founder and CEO of DealsLands UK

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What is Dealslands all about?

One of the most important things that online buyers look for is affordable prices for items or services they are looking for and that are where come into the picture. We have carved a niche for ourselves by offering best discount code and voucher deals to our prestigious customers in the UK. Our offers are active, constantly upgrading and best among the market. We have tied up with the best online retailers in the UK to promote their brands and on the other hand, offering unparalleled discount offers to the clients.

Apart from that, we are available 365 days 24 x 7 for our customers for any issues and concerns. It has helped us to win the game in a first place.

What does your company do?

In nutshell, Dealslands offer a wide range of discount codes, vouchers and online deals that you can redeem at best esteemed online retail stores in the UK. Our discount code and offers are active any day and are easy to redeem at stores.

We help our customers to save huge bucks of money on online shopping by applying those deals and voucher codes.

Our website is user-friendly and highly accessible with regular updates and relevant information.

What are your future goals?

We strive to be the No.1 voucher code website in the UK where consumers will find the best offers from their preferred brands and retailers while shopping online or from a physical store.

For our partners, we want to help them to connect with the millions of shoppers who are looking for high-quality products and services.

What were the biggest challenges you faced during the journey?

One of the main challenges was to find dedicated professionals for the team who are enthusiastic and passionate about the idea the business shares. Thankfully, we did not find it as cumbersome as it seems. Currently, Dealslands has a dedicated team of professionals who tirelessly work to achieve the goals.

Another challenge that I faced is to come up with unique deals and discount offers to present to the consumers. Thanks to our marketing and research team, it looks no more a challenge to us as they have successfully collaborated with giant retailers in the market by convincing them the idea and opportunities lying in front of them.

Also, serving customers quickly and responsibly is also a challenge for an entrepreneur. I always wanted to plan and execute a customer service model that streamlines the process and responds customer queries in a perfect manner. Currently, we have achieved it and our customers are extremely happy with our customer service team and they highly advocate it too.

Who inspires you?

There are so many things around that can inspire you if you have a right vision to see it. I get inspired by professionals even if he is a plumber or a gardener. A person who works dedicatedly for his passion is my inspiration. In addition to that, I love to read management and motivation books too. I regularly read motivated stories online on various platforms and it keeps me running towards my goal.

Any Start-up Advises you want to give to the aspirants?

The trust factor is utmost important when you are starting a business. You should have complete faith in your idea. It is the basic thing that will boost your confidence every day. Moreover, you need to be a good planner to excel in any business. Without careful planning and execution, you will go nowhere.

Also, you need to hone your communication and negotiation skills. It helps you a lot.

What is the one thing that drives you?

I have read somewhere- a true leader is one who brings change in the lives of people around him. I have engraved this quote in my mind and that is what drives me. If I cannot bring positive changes in peoples’ lives, I am not a good leader. Furthermore, I constantly challenge myself to work hard and set new goals for myself. It helps me to deliver more each day.