From full-fibre to wool fibre: Scottish Internet provider launches new clothing range


A SCOTTISH internet service provider has launched a new clothing line following overwhelming demand from customers.

In time for summer, BrawBand has unveiled a range of t-shirts and hoodies bearing its much-loved Highland cow mascot, produced in conjunction with leading Scottish-Irish designer, Amadán Aibreáin.

Each garment is made from a special cotton-wool blend that contains genuine Highland cow hair, providing an extra-soft feel and high levels of durability.

David Munro, product manager at BrawBand operator Focus Group, said: “You’d think the most asked question of our customer support team would be about router configuration or internet speeds.

“While we were delighted to hear our customers weren’t experiencing issues with their service, we were shocked to learn that actually people had been phoning up to ask about merchandise!

“Our Highland cow has captured the public’s imagination, so we thought it was fitting to launch a range of clothing so that customers could show their support for their favourite ISP while out and about.”

The new apparel range will be launched in April, with customers able to buy the limited edition designs from BrawBand’s website.

Amadán added: “It’s been really exciting to work with a forward-thinking brand like BrawBand. They’re already known for their ultrafast, full-fibre broadband – and now they will also be known as trendsetters and fashionistas!

“Highland cows live in some of the harshest conditions in Scotland, so their wool is hardy stuff. In fact, it’s said that Highland cows don’t feel the cold. That makes each garment really robust for day-to-day life – while also being really soft to the touch. It’s the perfect combination.”

BrawBand provides gigabit full-fibre broadband across the UK from its headquarters in Scotland, proving that it’s braw not to buffer. Its new clothing range will be available online later this month as part of their April Fools! label…

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