Feeling inspired by Ambition and Growth – High Growth Scotland with Kim McAllister

“You’re on a desert island with your fellow dragons – which one do you eat first?” 

Jenny Campbell, Dragon’s Den’s newest member and headline speaker at last night’s Investing Women awards dinner, laughed. 

“We’d probably all work together and eat lizards,” she countered.

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Damn. I had been looking for a line. My fellow journalists at the table shrugged – ‘good try!’ they offered.

Luckily it wasn’t a day short of stories. I was in heaven chatting to all the female entrepreneurs during the Ambition and Growth Conference which preceded the awards dinner.

One of the first women I spoke to was Monika Tomecka – she explained how to use the taps in the ladies. (When did taps get so complicated? Why do you have to do Tai Chi to turn them on?)

She’s a scientist who’s invented a filter that doesn’t use centrifuge – the first innovation in this space for a good ten years. I filmed two soundbites with her (check out @sbnn_national for all the chat and I instantly liked her. She’s warm and intelligent and I’m always impressed by people who are multilingual.

She went on to be one of the stand out pitches of the day at the AccelerateHer competition – she and five others won trips to California and/or Dubai and Abu Dhabi.
Fittingly for International Women’s Day, there was a truly international feel to the conference. Amongst all the accents, were two American ladies – one east coast and one west. They were bonding by the bar (drinking water) and I interrupted to interview them.
Raquel Wing – from California – has The Clean Hub (see her interview here) and Lily Asch (originally Connecticut) is founder of The Real Talk Project.
Both went on to receive £500 and awards for Ambition – both are hugely benefiting from the support here in Scotland.
I’ll be interviewing both in due course as they have really interesting stories to tell.
I think the most striking element of the day was the quality.
This wasn’t a pinky sparkly or reactionary event – this was a high calibre, business-focused, inspiring and informative conference. The #metoo movement wasn’t even mentioned until 3.26pm.
This is where I want business to be – where you focus on growth and investment and networking and your gender is incidental.
Bravo Jackie Waring and all the Investing Women team – I’m already looking forward to next year.

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