Fairview International reveals outstanding student results

MYP Year 11 students (2022-23) with Headteacher David Hicks

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FAIRVIEW International School, Bridge of Allan is celebrating student success as Middle Years Programme (MYP) qualification results are published.

The school, which delivers the world-renowned International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum and is the only school in Scotland to offer an uninterrupted continuum through IB education for students aged 5-18, has announced that the entire cohort of its MYP pupils have achieved the full MYP certificate, a 100% success rate.

With each subject graded from 1 to 7, any score over 5 is considered commendable, ranking within the top 37% of global IB schools*, while a perfect 7 places students in the top 2.8%*.

Collectively, the remarkable class exceeded the global average score by 4 points*, with particular success in the student’s Personal Projects, which garnered an average score of 6.13 out of the possible 7, well above the 2022 global average of 4.2. Fairview’s art class triumphed, obtaining perfect 7’s across the board. 

The majority of the year group achieved at least one grade 7 across their subjects, with many achieving two or more.

The schools top performing student excelled with a leading score of 49 points out of a possible 56 placing them inside the top 8% globally*.

Fairview’s very first cohort of students to pass through the MYP, completing years 5 to 11 (age 11 to 16), the talented class have set a high standard for future year groups to come.

The IB provides a unique approach to education, focusing on the application of student-centred learning. Headteacher David Hicks said: “Our students are assessed throughout the duration of the MYP course through summative assessments according to criterion-based rubrics, in place of more restrictive traditional tests and exams. This varies between written tasks like essays and reporting to presentations and performances.

“These assessments are an ongoing collaborative process between students and teachers, documenting, analysing and reflecting on individuals learning journeys to inform teaching. This process allows us to closely monitor students’ progress, and encourages them to develop a growth mindset, offering an opportunity to identify areas for improvement at regular intervals.”

A variety of assessed units are completed at the end of the five-year course which forms the make-up of the students’ overall grade. This includes a graded independent research project known as the MYP personal project, an optional e-portfolio in art, music or PHE to demonstrate their knowledge and skills, and an interdisciplinary unit requiring students to integrate bodies of knowledge from two or more disciplines and study current global affairs before sitting an exam. Students also sit five assessments, one per subject group, and additionally are marked against their fulfilment of school requirements for action and service.

Following completion of the MYP, students move on to the Diploma Programme (DP) for their final two years of school. The IBDP is the gold standard for pre-university education, preparing students for the most competitive universities.

With presence in over 150 countries and over 5,000 IB World Schools worldwide, the International Baccalaureate programme is a globally renowned leader in international education. The curriculum is designed to develop well-rounded and open-minded individuals, and is a qualification highly sought after by top universities across the globe.

Fairview Bridge of Allan is now accepting applications for all students ages 5-18 and has recently announced five new scholarship positions for students aged 15 plus looking to complete their final two years of school under the world-renowned International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum.

For full terms and conditions on the Diploma Programme Scholarships, visit www.fairviewinternational.uk/admissions/fees-scholarships


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