Empowering entrepreneurs to shape a brighter future: the Entrepreneur’s Award in Social Innovation

The Company of Entrepreneurs Trust has launched EASI- the Entrepreneurs’ Award in Social Innovation

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INNOVATIVE. Ethical. Impactful. This is how The Company of Entrepreneurs Trust describes EASI: the Entrepreneurs’ Award in Social Innovation, which was launched earlier this year, receiving overwhelming support and interest from both sponsors and applicants.

Dedicated to celebrating the power of entrepreneurs and their ability to drive positive change, the Award rewards individuals who aim to make an impact on the world and change it for the better.

Inspired by the collective efforts of individuals in overcoming the challenges introduced by the Covid-19 pandemic, particularly developing vaccines at a particularly difficult time, EASI was created for those who want to make a difference for the majority, rather than the few.

The Award aims to promote excellence, encourage the growth of businesses and entrepreneurs, foster fellowship among entrepreneurs and support their development by aiding them in their mission to develop innovative social or environmental products or services.

The prizes for the winner include a generous grant of £10,000, a package of support, fellowship, and other benefits worth £10,000 as well as other opportunities to access the services provided by EASI partners and sponsors.

“It is hard to believe that this time last year EASI was just a simple idea outlined in a document,” comments Judy Hadden, The Company of Entrepreneur’s Master.

“We have now launched the Award, received over 200 applications, chosen our first EASI Winner, and started our support programme for our first EASI cohort.

“We could not be prouder of how successful the inaugural Award has been. Hearing from so many talented entrepreneurs has been incredibly inspiring, and we have truly seen our vision come to life,” adds Judy.

The company believes in harnessing the power of entrepreneurial spirit, allowing brilliant and daring individuals to take their ideas to new heights. Entrepreneurs are chiefly creators and initiators, challenging the status quo and disrupting traditional and outdated processes and ways of thinking.

Given the risks associated with the entrepreneurial journey and the significant amount of resources required to turn a simple concept or idea into a start-up business, the support EASI is capable of offering can truly facilitate entrepreneurs’ endeavours, helping them make headway.

Though we tend to associate entrepreneurs with economic profit, more and more entrepreneurs are now focusing on how they can make the world a better place through solving social and environmental issues, reaping the benefits of their hard work in forms other than financial gain.

Whether their projects involve developing products and services designed to change processes that are harmful to the environment or eliminate issues that pose a threat to certain individuals or communities, it is their passion and determination to make an impact that The Company of Entrepreneurs wants to foster and reward.

And while entrepreneurs are naturally armed with powerful ideas and the tenacity to show the world they can truly make a difference, many budding entrepreneurs simply don’t have the means to get started or take their idea or project to the next stage.

“EASI was developed with a specific purpose in mind: to support early-stage, purpose-led enterprises using innovation to tackle some of the world’s big social and environmental issues,” says Judy.

The support offered by the Award opens up a world of new opportunities for these entrepreneurs, enabling them to continue to develop revolutionary ideas that in turn may inspire other budding talent to kickstart their entrepreneurial career.

And The Company of Entrepreneurs hopes to grow the Award further in years to come, with the help of more passionate sponsors and supporters.

“I am delighted by the progress EASI has made so far, and we have a number of ideas to enhance it further and expand its reach,” says Mark Huxley, The Company of Entrepreneurs’ Middle Warden.

“I believe it is through endeavours such as this that we build better communities, broader social understanding and empathy.

“EASI is an enormous step forward for The Company of Entrepreneurs and their efforts to support those who want to make a positive difference in society, and we are looking forward to more growth in years to come.”

To learn more about the Entrepreneurs’ Award in Social Innovation and how you can support the cause, please visit: https://www.entrepreneurscompany.org/easi


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