Ecometrica poised for rapid expansion after £375k funding boost

Edinburgh based Ecometrica is set for expansion after receiving a funding boost of £375k from the Growth Finance and Emerging Technology team at Clydesdale Bank.
Founded in 2008, Ecometrica is a global player in environmental monitoring and sustainability management software.
The company’s Ecometrica Platform, which offers environmental accounting, sustainability management and satellite mapping, brings together complex information from third-parties, such as space agencies, and empowers customers to make key decisions relating to sustainability, environment, risk and business management. Ecometrica has designed the software in a way that anyone can pick it up and use it without training.
The growth of Ecometrica’s employee base is the continuation of a trend which began in 2015, following Clydesdale’s initial loan of £622k.
The company recently won a £14.2 million contract to join the Forests 2020 project, helping developing countries manage and protect tropical forests. Spearheading an international consortium that brings together many of the world’s leading experts on forest monitoring, the Ecometrica Platform will help to significantly increase the process of interpreting satellite data monitoring over 300 million hectares of tropical forests across Ghana, Kenya, Indonesia, Brazil, Mexico and Colombia.
Chris Kennedy, Associate Director, Growth Finance and Emerging Technology at Clydesdale Bank, said: “It’s been fantastic to see Ecometrica’s progress since our last deal and to be part of their journey for a second time. We’re excited to see a technology company thrive in Scotland, particularly one which is set to play a significant role in protecting vital rainforests.”
Adrian Smith, CFO at Ecometrica, said: “We’re really pleased to have Clydesdale Bank’s support for a second time. Their first loan has been instrumental in our recent success and this second boost will enable us to continue our growth at a fast pace.”

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