Discovering the Delights of the exclusive neosessions event at neospace


An exclusive feature for High Growth Scotland

As an enjoyer and self-proclaimed enthusiast of vibrant gatherings and enriching experiences, I recently had the pleasure of attending an electrifying event at neospace, the highly successful working spaces and offices building based in Aberdeen. The neosessions event was hosted by Johnny Brooks from Studio 10 and his exceptional team. From the very moment that I received the invitation for neosessions 3, my excitement soared, and my RSVP was an instant YES!

Having been a dedicated attendee of previous neosessions events, I eagerly anticipated another night filled with laughter, heartwarming stories, and engaging conversations. Johnny Brooks, the mastermind behind these gatherings, has a knack for orchestrating unforgettable experiences. His signature move? Keeping the panel of legendary guests a closely guarded secret until the moment they grace the stage, leaving the audience in delightful suspense.

At past events, Johnny has pulled off the extraordinary feat of assembling diverse panels comprising ex-spies, revered bodybuilders, and well-known Scottish actors and singers. Each guest brings their unique backstory and perspective, creating an atmosphere brimming with anticipation and excitement. As attendees, we relish the opportunity to interact with these esteemed personalities, learning from their experiences and gaining insights into their remarkable journeys.

Previous neosessions event (photo by Sam Brill)

Johnny Brooks, on how he found inspiration for the choice of panellists for these events: “Our lineups have been inspired by connecting audiences with incredible speakers, athletes and entertainers from all walks of life. I think we’re particularly proud of being a Scottish company and therefore love working with iconic Scottish personalities, I mean what’s more Scottish and iconic than the cast of Still Game?”

He continued “It’s even more exciting though to raise awareness of some of our unsung heroes as well, such as our previous panelists: the former international spy Simon Maryan, or the father of Marvel’s Spiderman, Dom Holland. We’re inspired by sharing powerful stories and these can be found everywhere, if you know where to look.”

The element of surprise adds an extra layer of intrigue to neosessions, with attendees eagerly speculating about the lineup leading up to the event. The thrill of discovering who will take the stage fuels the anticipation, ensuring that each Neosessions event is a one-of-a-kind experience.

With each event surpassing the last in terms of excitement and intrigue, neosessions has become a highlight on the calendar for myself and many others. It’s a testament to Johnny’s ingenuity and the allure of neospace as a hub for creativity, inspiration, and connection.

In a remarkable collaboration, Studio 10 and neospace joined forces to curate an extraordinary lineup of panellists and guests for the latest Neosessions event. As attendees, we were treated to an exclusive glimpse into the lives and experiences of some truly remarkable individuals:

Johnny Brooks (middle) with the four esteemed panellists for neosessions 3 (photo by Sam Brill)

Colin Hendry (Far Left), a revered Scottish Football Legend, provided a fascinating perspective on his illustrious career, reflecting on the highs and lows of professional football and inspiring us with his resilience and passion for the game.

Jane McCary (2nd From Left), renowned for her role as one of the main actresses in Still Game, shared insights into her journey in the world of entertainment, captivating the audience with her wit and charm.

Hannah Chapman (2nd from Right), a MINI Challenge Racing Driver, offered a thrilling glimpse into the world of motorsport, sharing anecdotes from the track and offering valuable insights into the challenges and triumphs of her racing career in a male-dominated field.

Andrew McClay (Far Right), who transitioned from being a Game of Thrones extra to carving out a notable career as an actor, regaled us with tales from his time on set and offered valuable lessons gleaned from his diverse roles in the industry.

Each panellist brought their unique perspective and experiences to the table, creating an evening filled with inspiration, laughter, and profound insights. It was a privilege to witness these talented individuals come together to share their stories and connect with the audience on a personal level.

Johnny Brooks with panellists and their ‘most interesting outfit’ picks from the audience (photo by Sam Brill)

The evening unfolded with riveting conversations, enthusiastic audience participation, abundant laughter, and memorable moments aplenty, including some daring fashion statements amongst the attendees. Undoubtedly, it was my favourite Neosessions yet, offering an invaluable opportunity to reconnect with familiar faces and engage with intriguing personalities.

When questioned about his favourite moments of the night, Johnny replied “One of my favourite parts of all of our events is watching the audience start to figure out who our panellists are… so watching a room full of people trying to decipher if Colin Hendry is a boxer or footballer, or deciding that legendary folk singer Fiona Kennedy, OBE, DL is actually an international spy or darts player, that never gets old.”

He continued: “At neosessions 3 in particular, this was even funnier because Original 106 radio host Claire Kinnaird fumbled her words and accidentally called Colin Hendry a “former legend”. It was probably one of those moments where you had to be there, but thankfully she apologised to him live on-air with Pete the following morning!”

The post-panel celebrations reached new heights with the addition of an exhilarating 360 video camera. Attendees were encouraged to unleash their creativity, striking their favourite poses and showcasing their best moves, all captured in stunning 360-degree footage that promised to be a cherished memento of the evening’s festivities.

Neosessions offers a prime networking opportunity, where guests connect over delectable food, wines, and soft drinks. Amidst the relaxed ambience, attendees mingle, share stories, and forge new connections, facilitated by engaging conversations and mutual interests. The chance to interact with esteemed panellists enriches the experience, as guests pose questions, gain insights, and snap memorable selfies.

Scott Paton, Managing Director at neospace commented “Neosessions is about bringing people together from all backgrounds to have fun, listen to great stories and create memories in a relaxed environment with a mixture of the established neospace community and invited guests that allows natural connections to simply happen.”

When asked about his personal highlights of the night, Scott had this to say: “So many to choose from really but I loved the energy in the building from start to finish, the stories were so funny and also very interesting. The panel were fantastic with the conversation outfit game and we had the added bonus of the very cool 360 camera to capture these memories together at the after-party!”

Beyond the event, these connections endure, fueling professional growth and fostering a sense of community among attendees. Neosessions isn’t just a panel discussion – it’s a catalyst for collaboration, inspiration, and lasting relationships in a vibrant setting.

Left to Right: Scott Paton (neospace) & Johnny Brooks (Studio 10) (photo by Sam Brill)

Scott Paton, on how neospace continues to innovate and meet the needs of its members: “We look at it from the member’s perspective and want people to enjoy being here by offering more than just high-end office space. We have a talented in-house marketing/events team and work with trusted partner Studio 10 to create these special occasions.”

As we all eagerly await the next instalment of neosessions, one thing is certain – it’s bound to be an unforgettable evening filled with surprises and memorable moments. On that note, Johnny Brooks leaves us with this cryptic clue: “We’re certain that neosessions #4 will hit all the right notes, it’s sure to be a knockout…”

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