Digital enablement firm secures funding

Paramjit Uppal, AND Digital founder and ceo

DIGITAL enablement specialist, AND Digital, has secured £50k of funding from Innovate UK, to develop its digital enablement platform, RapidPivot.

The company, with an office based in Edinburgh, hope RapidPivot will help SMEs take their businesses online, aiding national efforts to rebuild the economy post-Covid.

Selected from over 10,000 entries, RapidPivot was chosen for its innovative approach, simplicity in design and ability to be rapidly implemented to create a wide societal impact.

Partnering with leading online service providers, the platform will provide a roadmap for small businesses, catering to their individual needs, financial budgets and technical expertise.

Paramjit Uppal, AND Digital founder and CEO, said: “A core part of our ethos is to empower and upskill our clients in digital skills, and this is exactly what RapidPivot encompasses.

“The events of Covid-19 have shone a spotlight on the digital skills gap in the UK, as many SMEs attempt to shift processes online. Lacking the budgets to invest in new websites and, in some cases, the digital know-how to take the best approach, small companies are facing huge disadvantages as they attempt to stay afloat.

“Projects such as RapidPivot support companies by enabling them to diversify and improve their digital capabilities quickly, helping to bridge the digital divide.”